Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Children disciplinary method

Is the term I use for a disciplinary method that was espoused in the eighteenth century by French philosopher Jean Rousseau? He said, "Do the opposite of what is usually done and you will almost always be correct."    I call this method shock therapy because it is shocking when one dose the unexpected. (NOTE: what I'm talking about has nothing to do with the electrical shock sometimes used o psychotic patients!)

Disciplinary shock therapy can be highly effective in solving problems and preventing conflict, because it gets the child'd attention. but unlike other disciplinary methods, it is effective only when used very infrequently.

The most common use of shock Therapy is in its more negative forms. For example, parents often stop temper tantrums bu using negative shocks, such as a spanking, a cold shower, or walking away from the misbehavior child. Why do so many different techniques seem to work? I'm convinced that it is not the techniques itself, but the fact that the parents' reaction shocked the child into the realization that the situation was serious. Their behavior was completely unexpected. Indeed, it was the very opposite of what the child expected. 

The fact that these techniques are not the parents' customary way of responding is what makes so effective. But  the problem is, the more often they are used, the less effective they become.

For example, although you might effectively give a cold shower to a child once, it would soon cease to be effective if it were used for every inappropriate act. Cold showering (or tossing cold water on the head of screaming child) and spanking are example of more negative types of shock therapy, and even though hay may prevent conflict in the future, that does not mean that they are the best techniques to use if your final goals is to rear a child with the healthy sense of self worth. The end ( whether a method is effective in producing  behavior changes) should never justify the means if a child's feeling of self worth are damaged in the process.

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