Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It is wrong to be rich?

Certainly not, if your wealth is the legitimate product of honest labor. but that's not the only consideration.

There's a belief held by a majority of the common people to the effect that the poor will be saved in heaven because of their poverty and the rich will be damned in hell because of their wealth. This, of course is a simplistic solution to a complex to a complex societal anomaly  the maldistributional of wealth between the rich and the poor, between the haves and have-nots, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

Jesus understood how important money is to us, therefor 16 of His recorded 38 parables were about money. In fact, he talked 10 percent more about money than about heaven or hell put together. So, let's talk about your money for awhile.

There are underlying factors why on one hand the Ayalas, Sorianos, the sultan of Bruni, Bill gates, and other are rich, and why n the other hand the beggars, the squatters, the stevedores , and other are poor. These factors maybe economic, political, social, educational, or even religious in nature.

Is it wrong to be rich?? Certainly not, if you didn't get your wealth through fraudulent means, like driving sharp business deals, going around the law, looking for loopholes in rules and regulations pulling string, using under the table tactics, tempering with scales and other  measuring units, misdeclaring your income, bribing law enforcement agencies, etc., If your wealth is the legitimate product of honest labor, you certainly have the right and the privilege to go to bed with clear conscience.

You’ll recall that some of God's greatest saint in the Bible  were extremely rich, but they never permitted their  wealth to become another god to them.

In additional to certain materially successful individuals, it might be a good idea to also consider the problem ethnically. Why is business generally in the hands of the Chinese wherever they go? Why are the Jews the lenders instead of the borrowers? Why Japan or maybe China is is a big economic dragon in Asia today? Why is the United States the richest nation in modern times? An American boated that if the Russians go to MARS, the American will send their astronauts there too. If they go to Jupiter, the Americans will land their rockets there too. And if the Russians got to hell, well they say let them go alone!

So, is it wrong to be rich? Of course not, is it wrong to be poor then? Well I'll think about that later.
So, what is your own Opinion??

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