Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family management

the best time to chart the course of our home and family is at the start of the new year. Family management by resolution is one option that homes manager must pursue to ensure safe and satisfied sailing the whole year trough. What is family management by resolution? It is a cooperative venture of both parents and children to make resolve under Heaven never to do anything they would be afraid to do if were the last year of their lives. Resolution is not just goal setting. It is honest orientation of their roles and function.

New Year is not just time for celebration and merry-making . It is also teaching  family members how to face and cope with the challenges of home life the next 365 days. We suggest that family council be done stressing five areas of family management.
CARE - It is the initials ingredients o handing people. Feelings are important. Words and action should be governed by the fact that oftentimes we hurt most those who are close to us.

RESPECT - It is the ladder of reaching intimacy. In the family, the right of privacy is mandatory. This means that parents and children should uphold one another's hols to peace and silence, for it is in silence that we hear the divine.

AFFECTION - It is a tangible expression of love. Loving our family members is not just a principle but an inherent all fears and faults.

FORGIVENESS - It is giving another chance after a relationship is breached. It is lowering our pride and accepting our vulnerability and infinitude. It is lowering our pride and accepting our vulnerability and infinitude. It is opening the door of acceptance when others abandon their relationship.

TRUST - It is entrusting our lives and future to our fellow children of dust. It is temper-proof commitment in interacting with people who are preys of lies. Transparency is the evidence that we have confidence in our family members.

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