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AMA English 06 50/50 part 2

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(25)  How would you classify the writing that depends on the goal to change attitudes or motivate to action?

    Persuasive Writing

(26)  For an instance, you have read a cookbook that you carefully followed to achieve a certain recipe, what special technique was applied by the author to tell the readers of this step by step idea?

    Process Description

(27)  Women's magazine published the special edition for Christmas season. The said magazine doubled its readers than the usual issue. What element comprises the magazine to reach a huge number of readers?


(28)  The graduating students of St. Mary's High School were assigned to read an article regarding college entrance exam review published by a famous newspaper company. What element of writing is used by the newspaper in feeding information and instruction these students?


(29)  Kenneth was reading a manual regarding the changing of oil for his car. How did Kenneth followed the instructions given?


(30)  The French restaurant sells their foods like hotcakes to Filipino customers due to use of subtitles in their menus. What technical writing technique is used in the menus to ensure understanding among their customers?


(31)  Which of the fields below uses technical writing?

    Environment and modern World

(32)  A technical writer has no standard career path. A writer may advance to a senior technical writer position, handling complex projects or a small team of writers and editors. They are usually in what type of job?

    Project-based job

(33)  Wynn explores the Net to buy a new cell phone. Nokia presents in its advertisement the features of Lumia against iPhone5 that attracts most of the youngsters today. Point out the technique of Nokia in its attractive advertisement.


(34)  Distinguish the job nature of a technical writer.

    Produce instructional manuals and other supporting documents to communicate the information easily

(35)  Which is not a property of Technical Writing?


(36)  What principle did Carol use in writing her clear and effective monthly accomplishment report?

    Use attractive reporting style

(37)  Producing report writing will require knowledge on the subject matter especially the ________ that allows a certain writing to be sequential and systematic.


(38)  What property of technical writing conveys balanced ideas?


(39)  Wynn finally decides to buy iPhone 5 after reading the advertisements of the two cell phone products. What technical writing technique drew Wynn to make her decision?


(40)  Brittany graduated in a prestige University with flying colors in 2008. She was able to get a job right after she finished her degree and earned awards during her journey as a technical writer. What are the qualities of a technical writer that make her successful?

    College degree holder and years of experience

(41)  You are a/an ___________ if you are the developer of a reading material.


(42)  The newly-opened supermarket in Kristine's town distributes flyers for in forming its store operations. What property of technical writing was used in giving the information?


(43)  It is the usage of language in a different point of view for a specific purpose.


(44)  What factor is taking part in making a technical written report objective?


(45)  Which is the word/phrase that expresses cause and effect in this sentence? Paula wears a thick sweater in Baguio due to the winter breeze.

    Due to

(46)  In a business world, technical writers are usually hired for a specific period only; technical writers nowadays are usually ________.


(47)  How would you compare technical writers with other types of job regarding their working environment?

    Focused on their home-based job at any convenient time for work to be passed to the companies

(48)  What idea justifies the main goal of technical writing?

    To enable readers to use a technology or understand a process or concept.

(49)  Mark is a Sociologist and presented his lecture to his Engineering class who happens to have a very minimal idea in Sociology. What will Mark do to discuss his report clearly to his students?

    Use of general information

(50)  Marissa brought the latest model of cell phone. She read the manual to know the usage of her new gadget. What property of technical writing was illustrated in the manual?

    Arrangement of Materials

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