Saturday, November 24, 2012

The rapture " What does the bible say? "

A look at scriptural evidence regarding the end of the world and Christ's second coming.

When Jesus promised His disciples " I will come again," He created a hope that has burned in the hearts of nearly all Christians for two thousand years. And seldom since the first century A.D has this hope burned more brightly in the hearts of more Christians than it does today.

This hope is darkened, however, by one shadow. According to the bible, a terrible time of trouble often spoken of as the "tribulation" will take place on Earth just before Christ's second coming. For nearly 1,800 years, Christians believed hat all of God's people would pass through this tribulation. However, about 200 years ago a new theory was proposed that GOD will take true Christians out of the world and transport them to heaven prior to the tribulation. Those left behind will pass through the tribulation, during which millions of Jews converted to Christianity.

The second coming of Christ will take place at the end of the tribulation. The carrying away of the saints to heaven prior to the tribulation is called the "rapture." According to those who hold this view, the rapture will be secret in the sense that no one will know when it will occur. Those who are left behind on Earth will only know that it has occurred when they realized that many people have suddenly disappeared for no good reason. 

A number of religious films have attempted to portray this rapture in recent years. These films typically showed startled people wondering what happened to their Friends and love ones. Another common scene is of cars and airplanes crashing because their drivers and pilots were ruptured.  In a sense, this view of the end of the world could be called a dual second coming theory because it splits Christ's return to our planet into two parts the rapture prior to the tribulation and the second coming at its conclusion. In this article we will examine the biblical evidence regarding the end of the world and Christ second coming.

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