Friday, November 23, 2012

Make money online by digging some of you may recognize the URl as the website that once operated as a pay per dig service that allowed publisher to promote their content on by paying other digg users to digg the submitted article. The site was originally known as Usersubmitter and billed itself as the place where digg submitters pay for digg users to promote their stories  And, where digg users make easy money. While this may have been a creative entrepreneurial effort, the site stories created an artificial marketplace allowing website publisher to see their content rise in the rankings on based simple on how much they were willing to spend. And the original usersubmitter site most certainly circumvented the Internet and purpose of the content sharing community.

Concept: Get paid by your comment, offer  and make money from home, US only
Payment Processor: Paypal
Popularity: 10,532 traffic rank in Alexa

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