Wednesday, March 20, 2013

AMA Final Huma quiz 2 answer

1. Lino Bruca is a Philippines National artist for film

2. The soundtrack of a movie is a memorable tune that audience . . 

3. Singkil is the National Dance of the Philippines

4. Bulag, Pipi at bingi by Freddie Aguilar is a figurative. . .

5. Celesti Legaspi is the Queen of the Philipines kundiman

6. In the categories of tempo of music allegro refers tomoderate speed

7. In 1930, Jose nepumuceno brought into the philippines screen . . . 

8. Ruben Tagalog is the so called King of the Philippines Kundiman

9. Th Philippines Madrigal is dance troupe

10. Dynamics is sound property that refers to how quiet or loud  a sound

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  1. maraming salat admin sa sagot ninyu...:)

  2. tnx for the answer. . . AMA DAVAO

  3. salamat poh sa sagot.. Pa help nmn po sa Final Quiz 1.. 2 days nlang pu kc.. hirap eh.. tnx mga idol!

  4. kuya oo nga p help..! thank you..

  5. Thanks Idol.. Ung Quiz 1 nmn.. haha


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