Sunday, January 20, 2013

AMA webcast Huma Midterm quiz 2 10/10 update

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1. Defined as art forms in which artist use their body or voice to convey artistic expression.

A performing arts

2. you are required to possess a good balancing skill to maintain the stability of three oil lamps, placed on head and at the back of each hand if you are tasked to performed this famous folk dance and balance.

A. Pandanggo sa ilaw

3. SPACE is an important element of dance. which of the following is the best description of space as a dance element?

A it influence the direction, level, size and pathways of movements.

4. The following are considered as traditional theatre arts except for ONE.

C films

5. Considered as the most famous and greatest playwright of the Renaissance period, he wrote the greatest tragedies like macbeth, hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

C William Shakespeare

6. If singer Jed Madela has highest male voice within the modal register, what type of singing voice does he possess?
A Tenor

7. Which of the following is an applicable of dance for the elderly in a society?

A For exercise and Health

8. As a performer, this is your ability to do something spontaneous to new and unexpected situation on stage.

B Improvise

9.previously the San Miguel Philharmonic and now the AB-CBN Philharmonic, this is a large ensemble wherein all type of principle instrument are included.

A Symphony orchestra

10. As the stage directors, what will be your last preparation with the cast in complete costume?

D Dress rehearsal

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