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5 simple and effective ways to get more traffic to your site

First of all I want to share my experience  about how I can  get more unique visitors to my site by this 5 simple and  effective way to generate thousands of visitors and also to put my site in Google firts page.

The first day when I research about SEO or search engine optimization in Google I found this system called Google sniper, first I was amaze by the system because it can increase you rank in Alexa and can generate more traffic to your, because of the good reputation of the system I was able to purchase Google sniper online and start working to get more unique visitors to my site, after 2 weeks I check my website statistic and I found out that I have only 100 plus visitors to my site and that was very frustrating.

After using Google sniper and come up with no result I was able to create my own simple but effective way to increase traffic to my site and this time I want to share this to those Blogger out there who want to increase their rank in google and increase their earnings. 

The first system I use is called “Autosurf ” for those who did not know about this system you can try to seacrh in google, I use this sysytem because it can easyly generate visitors to your site just by signing up ad put your website link to their 

1) The first system I use is called “Autosurf ” for those who did not know about this system you can try to search in Google, I use this system because it can easily generate visitors to your site just by signing up ad put your website link to their  link rotator. 

The top 5 most trusted auto surf online I use are these following and take note this site can help you build 10,000 visitors per week but the visitor to your site is not unique but at least you can make 10,000 visitors to your site.

2) The second system I use to get unique visitors is called “backlinks” Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node, in an easy explanation backlink is where you can put your link to other website and when the user click the link he will be directed to your site and you can get visitors. 

I have here simple techniques to use backlink effectively, the first is you can use Google and search for “make money online” or anything that can fit to your topic and you can use Href tags to hide your links, for example make a comment on that particular website you found in search engine about make money online and make sure your comment is relevant to the topic, let say for example “ Hi you have a nice article on how you can make money online, try also this <A HREF="YOUR WEBSITE LINKS"> website </A> on how to make money online." when your comment approve by the user, your comment goes like this "Hi you have a nice article on how you can make money online, try also this  website on how to make money online"  That’s the technique I use in backlinks system

3) The third way is submitting your site to Google index, Google index is the first way for your site to find it in search engine you can try this link to submit you site Google index

4) The fourth is you can use social media like youtube or facebook to promote your site, let say for example youtube, try to upload video that can attract viewers to watch your video and put your website link in the description, saying that “watch part2 of this video at the description” or anything you want, once you have an uploaded video in yotube share it to your Twitter or Facebook account and let your friends watch and visit the links. 

I have also this technique to get visitors by using facebook Fan page, try to create your facebook fan page and put it in your site, and invite friends to like your page, once they like your page, anything you post in that page can be seen in their wall, many likes many people can visit your post link.

5) And the last one is try to write more original article about your site, and use some technique like Meta tags, keyword because more article to post to your blog can create keyword, but note this try to focus only those keyword that is appropriate to your site.

You can use to find keyword by this tools google keyword tools this tools is one of the useful tools to get your desired keyword to your blog, it can view how many visitors search that particular topic per month.

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  1. Tnx for this info, I learn a little bit about SEO :)

    1. That great. this is very simple but effective, I think!

  2. this is the very simple SEO tutorials tnx for posting this one I dont know how to optmize my site but this help me alot. keep posting

  3. tnx for this rticle, keep posting ANA here

  4. will try some of your techniques..thanks..


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