Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For you what is sex?

“If it feels good do it, right? Besides, we’re in love.”

Sex, it’s in the movies, commercials, and the music we listen. T’s suggested by the way people dress. Sex is here to stay it is part of our life.

Believe it or not, sex was designed by God not only created man and woman different physical for sex, but he also created them different from other forms of animals, Men and women have the ability to think rationally and to feel emotionally. Although sexual relationship results in children, God also intended for sex to be pleasurable.

Everything that God created has purpose. But everything that God created also had. God’s design for sex, therefore, needs to be understood in the context of marriage love and lifetime commitment. Otherwise, the relationship results in confusion, conflict and chaos. Sex that is practiced out of Gods plan often result in unwanted pregnancies, abortion, rape and other forms of sexual abuse, and various tragic diseases, including AIDS.

Jesus honored the marriage commitment. His first public miracle was performed at a wedding. Shortly afterward, he met a woman at a well who had led a very promiscuous life. She had been married five times and was living with a man who was not her husband. Jesus told her that there is an inner thirst that can only be satisfied by seeking to fulfill inner desires with outward pleasure will never truly satisfy.

The good news is that Jesus does not condemn us for past lifestyle not lived in keeping with God’s proposes. Those who choose to have sexual relations with their marriage partner for life will certainly receive lasting and pleasure.

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