Friday, May 18, 2012

PInoy celebrity before and after body transformation

These are my body transformation photos of some pinoy celebrity, and I hope this will inspire other people to do the same workout like what they did. Within a few months they totally transformed their  body. Within a year they started helping their friends make their own body transformations by using the same proven Health & Fitness principles that they used. 

I strongly encourage everyone to go outside and play. Run, jump, and have fun. Life is to short to spend it inside watching reality tv and eating microwave pizza rolls.Challenge yourself with new activities and push yourself to be your best. Transformation Truth if you set goals to be fitter, faster, and stronger and pursue them with the Heart of a Champion, everything else will naturally fall into place (like getting ripped abs and buff arms,) like this pinoy celebrity tranformation in just less than a year or maybe a month. Be your best and whos your bit??

 Carlos Agassi

 Aljur Abrinica 

 Polo Ravales

 Dingdong Dantes

 Diether ocampo

Piolo Pascual

Sam Milby

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